Our Water, Your Way

What is Delivery Service from Total Beverage?

In a word, convenience. Whether it's a case of our exclusive 18oz. Paradiso Blue bottles or a 5-gallon returnable PET bottle, carrying such loads can be physically challenging. So, let our friendly route managers save you the inconvenience by delivering the superb taste of our Artesian water or coffee to your OKC metro business.

Contact us today and we will be happy to explain how your delivery schedule works and how we can set up your free office delivery service.

Delivery services include:

  • NO Deposit on 3gal & 5gal bottles

  • Water dispenser & coffee brewer rental or purchase available

  • Predefined schedules for both water & coffee routes

  • Delivery suspensions for vacations and holidays

  • Supplemental deliveries for your peak needs

  • Delivery to the Metro area, once every other week

  • Must have a 3 item minimum for free delivery