Frequently Asked Questions

Water Quality

Where does your water come from? Is it a public source?

Our water comes from a protected self-sufficient Artesian Aquafer on location. It is not a municipal source.

How is the water made?

It is purified by reverse osmosis and sterilized by ozonation without the use of any chemicals.

Do you add anything to the water?

No chemicals or additives are used.

What are your bottles made of? Are they BPA free?

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), they are 100% recyclable and BPA Free ? both small and large route delivery bottles.

How is the water tested and who does the testing? Where can the results be located?

The bottled water industry is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as opposed to Municipal or Public water supplies that are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our water is tested weekly by the Department of Environmental Quality and is tested annually in compliance to the regulations of the FDA and recommendations of the IBWA standards. Results can be found on our website.

Water Delivery

How often will I receive a delivery?

Every 2 weeks.

Is there a minimum order?

3 bottles or bottles and coffee or case water.

Is there a contract?

No, customers only need to sign a service agreement which you can cancel at any time.

How do I know what day I will receive my deliveries?

Our staff will explain in detail the designated day and we will send a route calendar with your first delivery. 

Private Label Water Bottles

How do I order private label water bottles?

1. Click the contact us button on our private label & event labels tab of the website or call customer service at 405.366.1344 to begin your order or quote

2. Will need to choose your water bottle size and quantity needed.

  • 12oz- 1 pallet/60 cases/ 1440 bottles of water (regular)

  • 16oz- 1 pallet/60 cases/1440 bottles of water (regular or bullet)

  • 18oz-1 pallet/40 cases/960 bottles of water (wine shape bottle)

  • 20oz- 1 pallet/48 cases/1152 bottles of water (regular)

3. Choose a bottle shape and color along with cap color

  • Caps: Black / Blue / Clear / Green / White

  • All bottles come in clear and blue, except the bullet bottle as it's only available in clear.  Pricing would be based on bottle size and color and the type of label you choose to purchase.

4. Select label type- clear or white background 

5. Artwork- specify number of colors in your artwork and if you are creating the label or you will need our team to design. (if you use a white label, white does not count as a color). 

6. Will provide you with a quote prior to order being placed. 

7. Setup customer account and decide payment terms

8. Please allow for a 2-3 week production lead time from the date of artwork approval.  Lead time may vary in the summer months but keeping labels in stock will save on production time.

We appreciate the consideration!