Oklahoma Water Delivery is The Secret Driver of Company Culture

When a company wants to increase creativity and productivity, the first thought isn?t usually to purchase a water cooler. However, these microbreaks provide workers a brief pause in their work, which gives them a chance to return to their desk refreshed and hydrated.

Companies care about productivity and the bottom line, which is why these meandering conversations by the water cooler seem like the opposite of what you?d want occurring in the office space.

While it is counterintuitive, here are some great reasons Oklahoma water delivery is the secret driver of company culture.

Business Growth Begins with Employee Engagement

Employees aren?t robots or computers.They don?t come to work and provide endless productivity until they leave for the day. Instead, they need to feel engaged with the work they?re doing.

When the engagement level drops, so does their efficiency. Something as simple as allowing employees to chit chat around the water cooler could be exactly what they need to feel motivated to tackle their projects.

Water coolers might also be the place for employees to discuss their frustrations about their work day, which could also lead to workplace improvements and culture shifts.

Creates Opportunities for Casual Communication

Not every conversation has to have a productive outcome. Sometimes, just asking about personal lives beyond the office helps build comradery. Useful ideas might also originate from unrelated conversations. Just because they?re not talking about work, doesn?t mean they aren?t laying the foundation for a breakthrough later.

Employees who build personal connections together are more likely to collaborate on more complex projects that are a productive use of company time. The water cooler can also break down silos and allow employees from various departments to have facetime when they?d otherwise go about their work without interacting with other colleagues.

Increases Productivity in the Office

Breaks can prevent ?decision fatigue.? There was a study of Israeli judges that found they were more likely to grant paroles after a break than after an extended period of time of hearing cases.

While your staff might not be determining the fate of prisoners, the lesson remains that they might take the path of least resistance the longer they go without having time away from their desk. There are even some studies that indicate a link between dehydration and industrial accidents.

Water Coolers Promote Healthier Choices

Individuals who are suffering from even moderate dehydration might have reduced cognitive capabilities. Tension and stress are a common feature of the modern workplace, but healthy choices can help.

Choosing to drink water is healthier than juice or soda, and sometimes, all it takes is one good decision to promote other healthy decisions throughout the workday. Not to mention a water cooler requires employees to get up from their desk and walk around.

Quick Breaks can Increase Creativity

If your team needs to maintain a creative company culture. Taking breaks for a quick drink of water replenishes thought processes. Those sought-after ?aha moments? are much more common when employees take the time to relax and talk with their peers.

Employees have a Chance to Interact with Management

Everyone needs water both management and your newest hire. Sometimes, a quick refill is the first way someone gets to have an impromptu conversation with management at the company. It?s an easy way for superiors to seem approachable and not locked away in their corner offices.

Speaking of management, employees also want autonomy in their work day, and knowing the cooler is an okay place to have a chat makes the workplace friendlier and more pleasant. Don?t be afraid to ask a subordinate about their family, weekend or just about their day in general.

Company culture is critical to having a thriving business, and it can all start with water in a break room. The good news is having water (and coffee) is really easy. With our Oklahoma water delivery services, you can keep the office stocked without any hassle.

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