The Number One Perk Employees Expect

While every employee wants to be paid like a CEO, and health and vacation benefits are close to the top of the much-needed perk lists, do you know what many people value more than anything else?

Free Coffee. Yes, and it's surprisingly simple.

Most people don't think about grabbing the coffee pot and pouring a quick cup before work, but how many people in your office do? Go around and see how many coffee cups are sitting on desks or are being held tightly, right now. We’ll wait for you to get back.

See what we mean? A good portion of your team loves coffee, and they are drinking it right now. This is why coffee is the number one perk your employees expect.

Fuel to work harder

Productivity will take a hit without access to caffeine. Perhaps you can stave off the Monday blues, or drowsy afternoons with a constant supply of coffee. Your team will be energetic and ready to move and get things done.

Coffee will give your employees the fuel they need to not only start their day but keep their day going for the long haul. It's a simple boost that can keep your team energized.

That's the thing, coffee isn't just a morning beverage, it's something that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Giving your employees this delicious beverage could mean the difference between an afternoon slump or a team that’s impressively productive.

Plus, you can give them a variety of flavor options, so everyone can find something to enjoy.

Save time and money

How much does store-bought coffee cost your employees in time and money? That expense can add up and be a point of stress if they don’t have the time it takes to stand in line for a decent cup of coffee.

Alleviate that stress altogether by keeping your office stocked with a variety of delicious flavors. You’ll save your best employees time and money while giving them that little boost they need.

Makes employees feel valued

Sometimes, it's the little things that brighten employee’s day. Celebrate their birthday with a little cake, give them lunch for a job well done and start every day with a fresh, delicious cup of coffee every morning.

As an employer, you want to improve the morale and enthusiasm for your teams.

You can hire big budget coaches who will come in and tell you about this that and the other thing and improve efficiency while shouting and sweating on a stage. Yeah, you will feel pretty pumped after hearing that motivational speech, but that doesn’t make your teams feel valued.

Giving people a few minutes to themselves to enjoy the freshly roasted aromas that only coffee can offer is a simple, easy way to show that you value your teams. It’s the little mini vacation that starts every work day.

Why use Total Beverage Java Street Coffee Service?

  • We provide commercial equipment with free install.
  • We offer a variety of gourmet specialty grade coffees at affordable prices.
  • Your route representative performs routine cleaning and maintenance on the equipment during each visit.

Costs less than you expect

We aren't telling you to incorporate some massive coffee chain with baristas serving artisan coffee, but it doesn't mean you have to use that ancient coffee pot. There are much better ways to make a great tasting cup of joe, and it is more affordable than you realize.

What makes it even better is that this can all be delivered to your office. The only finger you have to lift is the one placing the order.

That’s where we come in....

Total Beverage Service has all of your coffee needs. What’s more, you can pair that coffee with our crystal-clear artesian water, offering a great gathering place for all of the office chatter.

These services aren’t as expensive as some may think. The time and energy costs of NOT having our services are far greater to you and your team. Give us a call today at 405.366.1344.

We’ll schedule your first coffee delivery. If you choose to have our great-tasting water delivered too, then you’ll receive the first bottle for FREE.