How to Drink More Water in 2019

It?s that time of the year again where many of us are thinking of ways we can improve ourselves in 2019. Most New Year?s resolutions revolve around eating healthier and exercising more. But there?s one item overlooked that can vastly improve your energy level ? water.

According to an old rule of thumb, you?re supposed to drink eight glasses of water per day. Meanwhile, some experts recommend even more. That can be a daunting task ? especially if you?re not a fan of the taste (or lack thereof). But, there are various reasons to kick a soda habit and drink more water. Staying hydrated can help you lose weight, increase energy levels and even achieve clearer skin.

Vowing to drink more water every day can seem daunting, boring or even a little torturous. But, we have some good news. There are plenty of ways you can increase your water intake. Some don?t even include water! Have we piqued your interest? Here are our best tips for drinking more water every day.

Why Hydration is So Important

Did you know roughly 60% of the body is made up of water? Drinking water maintains your body?s fluid balance. In other words, it transports nutrients throughout your system, regulating your body?s temperature, digestion and more.

Drinking more water can also assist with weight loss and health goals. Numerous studies have identified a connection between water consumption and losing a few pounds. Water can curb your appetite, aid digestion and improve kidney function.

It also comes to the rescue in other areas of the body. One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is tiredness. Water can improve your focus, concentration and even productivity. A study in London even found that bringing water into an exam room helped students score better grades.

While we?re all guilty of prioritizing tea and soda over water, it?s time to make a change and give your body the hydration it deserves. From scheduling alerts on your phone to incorporating flavored waters, here are some ways to incorporate more water into your diet in 2019.

1. Sip your water strategically.

Before you start chugging your morning cup of Joe, force yourself to drink a glass of water. By drinking a glass first thing, you?re rehydrating your body after a night of sleep and starting the day off on the right foot. You can also incorporate this habit into your evening routine. While you?re making dinner, sip on water while you prep and cook. Or if you?re out at a restaurant, ask for water when the server takes your order and aim to finish the glass by the time your food arrives.

2. Track your intake on your phone.

You?re probably glued to your phone anyway, so why not use it to monitor your water intake? Apps like Waterlogged, Day Logger and Daily Water make logging ounces a breeze. With this, you can see how close you are to reaching your daily and weekly hydration goals.

3. Add some flavor to basic water.

Let?s be honest. Compared to other beverages, water can be pretty bland. Dress it up by infusing it with some fruits or herbs.

4. Invest in a fun water bottle.

Sometimes you just need a little visual motivation. Packing a colorful water bottle and refilling it throughout the day might bring you a step closer to your hydration goals. There are various styles to choose from, some have straws and others have screw caps or wide mouths. Some of our favorites include Summit, S?well and Yeti.

5. Try the 30-day gallon challenge.

Do you thrive under competition? Get into the spirit by drinking a gallon of water a day for a month. While the benefits vary, many participants have claimed higher energy levels and an improved complexion. If a gallon jug is a bit daunting, personalize it with hourly deadlines to keep you on track.

6. Set reminders on your devices.

If seeing the bottle isn?t enough, try setting a reminder on your phone or computer. It?s a fantastic way to hold yourself accountable until hydration becomes a habit.

7. Motivate yourself with a support group.

There?s nothing like a reward. Even a small one can motivate you to keep hitting your hydration goals. Create a support group with friends and text each other photo reminders to drink water. Then, make it a rule that if the entire group hits their weekly goals, you?ll go out for coffee that weekend.

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