Here’s Why Our Private Label Drinking Water is Shockingly Good

Not all water is the same. We like a delicious drink of fresh water, but some brands fall short, and we’re left with a strong (and unpleasant) aftertaste.

If you’re tired of tap water or the more expensive big brands, then you should give our water a try. Our private label drinking water is shockingly good, and here’s what makes it so much better than other options.

We Start with Artesian Well Water

When you grab a glass of water from your kitchen sink, you expect clean water. We are fortunate here in Oklahoma to have city water that generally meets local, state and federal regulations. However, each town might offer a different “flavor” of water depending on their treatment processes.

At Total Beverage Services, our water doesn’t come from lakes, rivers or any other city source. Instead, our water comes from deep below the earth’s surface because we use an artisanal well.

The water there has been filtered for generations, far from the light and nutrients that feed microorganisms. Our water comes from bygone eras of clean water. It's like a time machine of fresh, crisp, clean water that you can't find anywhere else.

The Water is Treated by Reverse Osmosis and Micron-Filtration

Reverse osmosis is a really neat trick utilizing the nature of water molecules, and it is the best way to get the purest water possible. It removes odor, tastes, and particles resulting in water that is almost perfectly clear of anything but H2O.

Water is filtered through a micron-filters and carbon filter to remove larger particles before it begins passing through a semipermeable membrane system. Water wants to find equilibrium, so the high-pressure water inside the RO system is forced through an incredibly fine membrane with holes just large enough for the H2O molecules to pass through.

We use industrial filters that further purify our already pristine water. This ensures that it is odorless and free of any dirt and debris. In fact, our water is purer than your typical bottled water you get from a large brand name. Our water is just water, and nothing else.

But we don’t stop with just reverse osmosis.

The Next Step is Ozonation Process

For anything that makes it through our filters, we have one last process to purify our water. While your tap water is chlorinated to remove and prevent microorganisms from growing, it still leaves metals and organic matter.

Ozone is a colorless gas made from three oxygen atoms. You may be familiar with the smell if you bake bread or go outside after an Oklahoma thunderstorm.

This molecule is one of the best cleansers found in nature. It easily binds to metals, oxidizing them and rusting them for easy removal. Organic matter binds much easier as well, making cleanup a breeze.

Unlike other treatment chemicals, Ozone breaks down easily and removes itself from the water. In less than an hour, it is broken down and absent from the water, leaving no trace of its presence.

Our Water has no Chemicals or Added Minerals

For our story, we don't need chlorine to cleanse the water. Thanks to our industrial osmosis filtration system and ozone injection, our water is far purer than any tap water in Oklahoma.

Big bottlers will add minerals to their water. Some claim it's for hydration purposes. Others use them to mask the taste. Our water is just water without taste or odor. No additives needed.

We aren't saying that these additives are necessarily bad. Thanks to them, millions of people can turn on their faucet and stay hydrated. However, we believe in a better way to provide you the best tasting water possible with no additives or preservatives or enhancers.

We Choose Durable PET Bottles

Once we make certain our water is pure, we bottle it up and deliver it to you. When it is in your hands, we can’t control the water purity, but between manufacture and delivery, we can ensure the quality is exact.                            

Our PET bottles keep contaminants out. That means no microbes can get in until you take off the top. The bottles do not impart any flavor into the water, ensuring the purity remains until the last drop.

We use recycled plastics to retain our environmentally friendly approach to purity. We encourage you to recycle our bottles rather than tossing them in the landfill.

The Job Requires Constant Water Testing

To ensure that our water is of the highest standard, we submit our finished product to the Department of Environmental Quality. Each week our water comes back to meet our strict standards of quality and purity.

We also submit samples annually in compliance with FDA regulations and IBWA standards recommendations. We are proud that our water comes back clean and clear every time.

Our ultimate test is every time you take a drink. Every day, Oklahomans open up a bottle and enjoy delicious tasting water from Total Beverage Services.

Choose How You Consume

Private label drinking water is great for a company because it allows you to keep your customers and employees hydrated while increasing brand awareness.

We offer a variety of bottle shapes and sizes for your consumption and style preference. You can also choose to have our 5-gallon jugs of water delivered to your office, so all of your employees can enjoy quality water while at work.

To learn more about our delivery services or our private label drinking water give us a call at 405.366.1344.