Good Coffee Leads to a Happy and Productive Business Team

The modern office is a stressful place. With endless meetings, countless emails, approaching deadlines and difficult customers, it sometimes feels impossible for employees to leave their desk. Now more than ever, coffee breaks are an important part of an employee's workday.

Quality coffee is no longer an office perk, it?s an expectation. Coffee has become an experience that almost everyone enjoys. It?s not just a drink but a reason for your employees to stretch their legs, connect with their coworkers and recharge for the rest of their workday.    

Good Coffee, Good Culture and More Productivity

Allowing your employees to take coffee breaks isn?t a waste of time, it?s the key to an effective organization. Coffee breaks allow your staff to take a step back from their work and talk to their coworkers face-to-face. This gives them an opportunity to clear their minds, chat about what?s going on in their lives and time to form closer bonds with the people they work with.

It?s no secret that communication in the office improves work culture, teamwork and productivity. While coffee is a positive ritual that relaxes your workers, it can also increase their productivity and creative problem skills. By creating a less rigid environment for employees to discuss current work problems, it allows them to look at these problems from a new perspective. Oftentimes, these breaks encourage spontaneous meetings with people who might not have interacted prior.

Coffee breaks have important and monetary value for your organization. They?re one of the most efficient ways to make employees happier, boost team spirit and create a more productive workforce.

Why Your Business Needs Quality Coffee

Employees expect high quality, delicious coffee. As expectations increase, upgrading your current coffee solution should be a priority. This means choosing a provider that uses fresh beans, high-quality water and roasts their beans to perfection.

Coffee needs to be one of the many reasons your employees love to come to work. If your coffee is good, your employees are happier and more productive.

When a company values its employees, it shows. Your employees see the quality of coffee you serve as a reflection of how valued they are as employees. If there?s bad coffee at work, talk is bound to spread fast. When quality coffee isn?t easily accessible for your employees, productivity declines. Instead of staying at the office, they choose to go out to the local coffee shop instead of back to work. Over time these coffee outings add up to hours lost for your business.

Total Beverage Services? Java Street Coffee Delivery

If your current coffee solution fails to keep your employees happy, neither are you. Total Beverage Services is an Oklahoma based drink delivery service that provides locally sourced and affordable beverages for offices of all sizes and budgets. We make it easy for you by providing the equipment, setting it up and performing routine maintenance.

If you?re ready to upgrade your office?s coffee experience, contact us at (405) 366-1344 to schedule a meeting to make a plan that works best for you.