Dazzle Guests at Your Wedding with Custom Water Bottles

It seems the warm weather is perfect, and many couples are planning their spring or summer wedding. It’s a wonderful time of year, but to keep everyone happy, they need to stay hydrated.

You want everything to fit in its place, and in the hands of your guests, water bottles with custom wedding labels will blend in perfectly.

A Simple Name and Your Favorite Colors

Adding a label to the bottles with the names of the happy couple is a simple and easy way to make the bottles blend in with their surroundings.

No bright blue labels to pollute the wedding photos, but rather simple designs that fade into all the other beautiful details. Wedding photos and videos will look better and the focus will remain on what matters — the happy couple celebrating their marriage. Even better, your guests will love the easy access to water, especially if everyone is dancing at the reception.

Also, think about how you plan on storing and distributing the water. Ice-filled buckets on the tables with water bottles can sit in the corner of the room. Wash tubs are a fun accent for barnhouse-themed weddings. You can also set water bottles on the table with the other beverages. 

Give Everyone a Giggle

You can further customize your water bottles with simple tricks to dazzle guests. Little jokes and phrases on the labels are a great way to bring the two families together. Each family will have stories to tell about on the label, and the bottles can serve as conversation starters for the guests.

Adding images to the labels can hold stories and tales of their own. Candid images taken over the years can bring laughter for the entire night. Pictures of the groom and his best man, or the bride and her party, or even pictures of them with their families on the labels will provide curious guests with an endless supply of tales.

Say Thank You

The water bottles can also hold tokens of appreciation by the happy couple. As little incentives to keep guests hydrated, each bottle can have a little thank-you card tied to the neck with a piece of burlap string. Easily removed once the bottle is picked up, the thank you card can include a small printed image of the couple for each guest to keep.

Perhaps each card can include a favorite verse, quote, or phrase by one of the couples. This can provide guests with a little insight into the hosts and offer positive thoughts and a happy setting.

His and Hers

Another fun way to differentiate between the groom’s and the bride’s family is with a custom water label. It also works perfect for the happy couple’s table. Usually, the bride’s family and the groom’s family will sit on different sides of the church. This adds a little detail for each family member to say who’s side of the family there are on for the day’s festivities.


More and more weddings are using hashtags as a fun way to engage guests on social media. All the photos and comments use the # so they can track the conversations and find the photos. A custom water bottle is the perfect way to promote the hashtag of the event.


Words of Wisdom

Sometimes, couples have words of wisdom or a verse that is meaningful to them. A custom water bottle is perfect place for them to share it with their guests.

As the Evening Ends

You won’t regret the extra effort put into adding custom labels to your water bottles. Water keeps everyone hydrated and the label gives your wedding a fun flavor.

Offer small gift bags for guests to take home with them. Adding water as a gift is a perfect way to send them off with well wishes. Above all else, add extra water to the happy couple’s car before they leave.

Water is anything but boring when you customize each label. At Total Beverage Services, we make customized labels easy and classy. Not to mention our water tastes delicious. Call us today at 405.366.1344  to learn more, and get your free quote. We’d love to be a part of your happy day.