Custom Label Water Bottles are the Best Company Swag

Most people spend time attending a few big events every year. It might be a grand opening, a conference or a trade show. Attendees usually have their tote, a handful of brochures, pens, notepads, chip clips, magnets, maybe a piece of chocolate and stress balls in the bag hanging on their arm.

But, what do they really want? Water.

They have a couple of options. They can go to the concession stand and buy a $3 bottle of water or walk to the restrooms and sip out of the water fountain.  But what if you were handing out free water at your booth? 

They?d make you a must-see destination at the event. Everyone wouldn?t hide your brand in their tote bag, instead, they?d be carrying it around in their hand. Most importantly, more than brochures and pens that might end up in the trash, your swag would be providing them a service right when they needed it the most.

The Purpose of Branded Swag

When communication departments sit down to think about the swag they want to purchase for the company this year, everyone starts throwing ideas out based on what they?ve seen in other places.

The best strategy is to remember what swag actually made it home versus what swag went straight to the trash bin. If you?re spending thousands of dollars to put your brand out into the public, the least it can do is leave a lasting impact.

What Companies Get Wrong When They Buy Branded Swag

It?s easy to fall into default mode when companies plan to purchase their swag for the next event or even the next fiscal year.

Odds are, if you bought it last year, then you?ll probably buy it again this year. This isn?t the best strategy when it comes to spending advertising dollars. Instead, thinking outside the box could mean getting more bang for your promotional bucks.

Why are Custom Water Bottles the Most Effective Company Swag for 2019?

There are a dozen reasons why water bottles are the best way to advertise at big corporate events:

  1. Everyone gets thirsty walking around throughout the day.
  2. Water at big events isn?t always cheap or easily available.
  3. A bottle is easier to carry.
  4. People will hold on to a water bottle for hours.
  5. Many people will refill their water bottle and hold onto it all day.
  6. You?ll provide a service people appreciate.
  7. People will see your brand every time they take a sip.
  8. Other attendees will ask them where they found the water bottle.
  9. Water bottles are extremely valuable but also affordable.
  10. Attendees will stop and chat while they take their first drink.
  11. Custom labels allow you to be creative with the space.
  12. Your company swag will stand out from the crowd. 

Total Beverage Services Makes Custom Labels Easy

Even if you are interested in custom label water bottles, you might have questions like:

  • Where do I find custom label water bottle companies?
  • How can I trust the water that I give my prospects?
  • How much will a custom label water bottle cost?

Our mission is not only to provide you with the highest quality, best-tasting Artesian water but to also make the process as easy as possible

Our private labeling is full-service: we design, label, bottle and deliver your custom bottles directly to your company or event.

When you create a private label with Total Beverage Services, the bottle is truly yours. Your message, logo, or custom design can span the entire label. The only additional information required includes bottle size, nutrition facts and a recycling symbol.

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