Advantages and Benefits of Water Delivery to Your Office

Everyone knows the water cooler is a classic staple in any office, whether that means an actual cooler or just the area where everyone stands around chatting with one another. It?s a place to grab a beverage, chat with coworkers, or just take a quick break before getting back to work.

There are plenty of reasons to make sure your office is well hydrated all day long, some of which you already know about ? and some of which you might not. Either way, we?ve prepared some of the best advantages and benefits of getting water delivered to your office so your employees never thirst again.

Healthy Office, Happy Office

From a medical standpoint, water is incredibly vital. Obviously, water is necessary for people to live, but beyond that fundamental need, hydration can help your team in a myriad of other ways. First and foremost, water can help improve the moods and morale of your team. According to a study by the University of Connecticut, even mild hydration can positively affect moods.

Not only can drinking water make people more productive, it also decreases grogginess, helping people to wake up which can be especially helpful during those mid-afternoon lulls we all know so well.

Taking Breaks

Like we mentioned above, breaks by the water cooler have been a staple of the traditional office since its inception years ago. And there?s a reason for that: breaks are really good for your employees and coworkers.

The longer people are at their desks without getting up to get water, grab a bite, or simply stretch their legs, the worse it is for productivity. After a certain amount of time ? which can be different for anyone, but is often agreed upon to be between 20-30 minutes ? mental fatigue starts to set in, even if you?re doing the most riveting work of your life.

A water cooler is a great way to incentivize your employees to get up every once in a while, get away from the screen, and mingle with coworkers, thus boosting morale, which is always a plus.

Efficiency and Flexibility

As an office manager, you know there?s a lot to take care of. From various supplies like pens and pencils to large purchases like new chairs or copying machines, it?s a lot to keep in mind and stay ahead of. Water bottle delivery is a great way to get one of the office?s most necessary things off your to-do list.

Getting water delivered to your office allows you to delegate what can sometimes be an annoying task to a professional who works around your schedule and needs. You can tailor the delivery to your office, which is a huge benefit especially if you have a large office.

Peace of Mind

Justified or not, many people are hesitant to drink the tap water in their region for a number of reasons. Water delivered by a professional goes through an extensive filtration process to ensure you and your employees are drinking the cleanest water possible. That way, everyone in your office can take full advantage of the above benefits without having to worry about any toxicity.

When you choose to use Total Beverage Services for your company?s water delivery needs, you can fully customize your experience for your needs. You?ll be ordering quality water second to none, delivered straight to your office. To get started call (405) 366-1344 or visit