7 Places To Promote a Hotel Brand with Private Label Water Bottles

Hotels need to be creative in their marketing efforts to get the most out of their promotional dollars. The competition is tough, but with some out-of-the-box thinking, you?ll be selling out in no time.

The benefit of private label hotel water bottles is the company can send guests out into the community with your brand. Sure, they might use your pens or notepads, but they?ll carry a water bottle out in the open for everyone to see.

  1. Offer Water Bottles to Event Attendees at Your Hotel 

If your hotel event center is packed out regularly, attendees aren?t going to want to line up at the nearest water fountain to quench their thirst. While soda and coffee are easy to hand out, you will find that more often than not, people just want something hydrating and great tasting. With a custom labeled water bottle for attendees to take with them, they have a portable way to drink up and spread your brand.

  1. Stock a Booth at the Conference with the Custom Label Water Bottles 

When your PR and development team heads out to the next big event, send them with private label hotel water bottles to stock the booth. Everyone who attends these events puts in a good amount of steps as they travel booth-to-booth. While they get loaded up with pens, stress balls and another stack of brochures, you?ll be giving them something they really want ? water.

  1. Drop the Private Label Water Bottles Off in Guests Rooms

Give your guests that five-star experience by giving them a refreshing bottle of water when they reach their room. After unpacking a car and carrying bags to the room, the water will be much appreciated. The best part is they?ll probably take the bottle with them when they leave the room letting all the other tourists know exactly which hotel treats their guests the best.

  1. Stock the Front Desk

When your guests come into your hotel, they may be parched after a long day of traveling. A part of your greeting can be a refreshing bottle of cold water. You can leave a good impression from the moment they get their room keys. It is also a good place to hand off your brand right before they start exploring for the day.

  1. Leave the Private Label Water Bottles at the Breakfast Bar

Not everyone wants to start their day with a cup of orange juice or a cup of coffee. Why not offer them a chance to have a refreshing bottled water they can take with them for the day. If they don?t grab a bottle from the front desk, the next best place is the breakfast area.

  1. Keep a Cooler in the Free Shuttle

If your hotel offers a free shuttle from area attractions, your guests will love having water available, especially when they finish a long day exploring new areas and taking tours of the area. It?s also another opportunity to get your brand on the streets as they carry it around throughout the day.

  1. Offer Water Bottles to area Partners

If you have a local Visitor Center, it might be worth asking if they want to keep water bottles in the office for drop-bys. Tourists you never meet might be showing off your brand while they visit the areas most traveled.

When you choose to use Total Beverage Services for your private label hotel water bottles, not only will you have the space to create the perfect label for your brand, but you?ll also be ordering quality water that is second to none. To get started on your quote call (405) 366-1344 or visit http://www.totalbeverageservices.com/contact.