6 Positive Differences Quality Coffee Can Make in the Office

What do you look for in a cup of coffee? Do you prefer your coffee strong and black? Do you take your coffee with cream and sugar? Are you all about the different creamer flavors? What are your favorite coffee blends and flavors? Do you prefer decaffeinated vs caffeinated? Or would you rather opt for a cup of hot chocolate?

When it comes to coffee, there is no right or wrong way to drink it. Everyone's a little different. But regardless of how you take your coffee, the majority of citizens in the United States rely on coffee to kick start their work day.

Coffee is a staple of our society and a staple of the workplace. For many people, coffee is an everyday necessity. Employees depend on that liquid caffeine to fuel their workday and productivity. Maintaining quality coffee and brewing equipment in your office’s break area can enhance employee productivity and create a more positive workplace environment.

Here are a few additional compelling reasons to supply quality coffee for your employees.

1. Increase productivity in the workplace. Caffeine provides energy. Many people rely on the first cup of coffee at work to kick start their day and get the productive juices flowing. Consuming caffeine has been proven to have a chemical effect on your brain, making you feel more alert or energetic and suppressing the chemicals in your brain that make you feel sleepy.

For many adults, that first caffeinated cup of coffee in the morning is essential for pushing past the exhaustion of long days and late nights parenting children or increasing their energy when they are up against tight work deadlines. Even for employees who drink decaffeinated coffee, the ritual of consuming a hot comforting beverage first thing in the morning is enough to increase their energy and motivate them to start their day off on a productive note.

2. Boost information retention speed. You heard that correctly. Consuming approximately two cups of caffeinated coffee has actually been proven to help the brain identify information better. Employees learn and remember new material better when they have consumed at least 200 mg of coffee.

3. Incentivize millennial employees. Americans consume 136 billion cups of coffee every year. That’s on average 3 cups of coffee per day per person. Among coffee consumers, millennials are the most avid. Providing quality coffee and coffee brewing equipment is an easy way to create a positive work environment for millennial employees. It will also save lost time employees might otherwise spend going out to grab a cup of coffee during the workday.

4. Improve workplace socialization. Coffee is more than energizing caffeine that fuels productivity. Coffee inspires community and togetherness. Sharing a cup of coffee facilitates conversation and comradery in the workplace. Whether it’s in the breakroom at work or around a table in your favorite coffee shop, coffee gives us a reason to come together, pause briefly from the busy demands of work and life, and share about ourselves.

5. Promote employees’ health. According to the National Coffee Association, consuming coffee can have many positive impacts on your health. The National Coffee Association has conducted extensive research to understand how coffee affects your health. One of the most startling findings was how coffee can impact longevity and extend a person’s lifetime overall.

6. Boost employee morale. Finally, providing quality coffee to your employees’ helps to boost the morale within the office. It creates a sense of homeliness and comfort even in the midst of stressful days and deadlines. It also communicates to your employees that you are invested in their happiness and health, even down to the little details of the coffee they consume.

Total Beverage Services understands that providing good quality coffee and coffee equipment can make a world of difference to your employees’ workday and the overall atmosphere of your workplace environment. We partner with Java Street & Neighbors Coffee Co. to bring you the best coffee and the best brewing equipment. All of our equipment and supplies are delivered directly to your office and installed by us!

There is no one way to consume your coffee. Total Beverage Services understands this. And that is why we offer a variety of coffee including whole bean, ground, filter packs, and Keurig cups. We also provide some of the most popular K-Cup season flavors, including Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider, and Hot Chocolate. Our regularly most popular K-Cups include Breakfast Blend, Columbian, French Roast and Dunkin Donuts.

With the holidays just around the corner, there is no better time to install and upgrade your coffee brewing equipment and stock your supply with seasonal favorites that will be a hit throughout the entire office. Contact Total Beverage Services today to learn more about our Java Street Coffee and Neighbors Coffee Co. delivery service.