5 Reasons Your Company Needs Water Delivery Next Year

Snacks are in place, the fridge is stocked with goodies and there is always a pot of hot coffee. What else could your company need to ensure a productive workday? The answer is water and lots of it.

Purchasing packages of water bottles isn’t always the most cost-effective options and no one enjoys drinking straight from the tap. The obvious solution is a water cooler complete with delicious, cold Artesian water ready for consumption throughout the day.

1. Help Your Staff Reach their 2019 Health Goals

A lot of people resolve to drink more water at the beginning of the year because it influences a healthier lifestyle. You can help your employees reach their goals with a water delivery service because it’ll give them great tasting, cool, refreshing water to drink.  

Water will help your team stay fuller, longer, so their cravings to go for snack foods is diminished. Hydration keeps people happy and productive so they can work longer. And, why would they go for a can of soda if there is free, fresh Artesian water nearby?

Simply put, Artesian water will keep your team stay on track to keep their resolutions. Whether it will last more than a couple of months, well, that is out of your hands.

2. Providing a Healthy Hydration Option

Most people go for a sports drink to rehydrate, but the most natural solution is always water.  Millions of people wake up and reach for the coffee first thing, but drinking a glass of water first will kick start the brain faster and easier.

Soda is a common drink of choice for most people, but it doesn't have the hydration capabilities that water does. Whether you prefer the red can or the blue one, your body always goes for pure water first and foremost. Luckily, with Total Beverage Services, keeping great-tasting water in stock is easier than ever. Another bonus is hydrated employees have a better chance of fighting off sickness, which means fewer missed days in the office.

3. Improve Productivity

If your projects are running on a tight deadline, keeping your team on point can be a bit of a task by itself. While the occasional team building exercise can improve group dynamic, giving them great tasting water will provide them the fuel they need to stay on task.

You will be encouraging your team’s productivity and passion by supplying them with the necessities. Water delivery to your Norman Company is a perfect way to promote their productivity.

4. Inspire Creative Solutions

Every project will face some sort of problem between start and finish. If you luck out and don’t find any problems, you are fortunate, or you missed something. 

Where does fresh, great tasting water delivery come into this?

When you give your team a moment to step away from the project, you are giving their minds a moment to rest and problem solve. Giving their brains the hydration needed to keep going is what opens up the floodgates of creativity that your teams need to succeed

5. Create a Discussion Driver

What else will your team do on an occasional break? They are likely to meet with one another and talk. Building camaraderie means providing a place for teams to cooperate with one another and how to solve problems

Giving people a few moments to lean against the water cooler and vent helps clear heads and temper frustrations.

We want companies to succeed, and we believe that providing water and coffee to local teams is one way to promote that success. If you’re ready to setup water or coffee delivery service to your office give us a call now 405. 366.1344.