4 Ways Coffee Delivery Increases Productivity in the Office

You’re probably drinking coffee right now (or a least thinking about grabbing another cup), and you wouldn’t be alone. It’s America’s favorite beverage in the workplace, and for good reason. Coffee delivery not only increases energy, but it also helps improve productivity in the office.

The secret is caffeine, and coffee is loaded with it. Published studies support the correlation between coffee consumption and productivity. The molecules in coffee keep adenosine from doing its job in your body, which is to slow down nerve activity in the brain telling you to stay calm. Instead, it increases dopamine and oxygen flow, which results in the energizing side-effects of caffeine. When you’re trying to maximize productivity in the office, it might be time to hire a coffee delivery service. It’s liquid motivation and worth the investment.

1. Coffee makes you feel alert (even on Monday mornings). A lot of workplaces depend on coffee to jumpstart the day, and it’s a useful strategy. Since caffeine halts adenosine, you can expect a quick burst of fresh energy. It also helps improve concentration. So before you get started with your weekly todo list, grab a delicious cup of joe and drink up the benefits. Coffee is most often consumed early in the morning, but It helps to shake off sluggish afternoons too. Just make sure you don’t drink caffeine too late in the day because it could impact healthy sleep.

2. Coffee boosts creativity. Creative thinking is critical for some jobs. Luckily, coffee is a stimulant, and it’ll get the creative juices flowing. Free from adenosine receptors, the glutamate and dopamine work harder in the brain with little restraint. The caffeine-induced laser focus can improve group conversations and helps the brain make meaningful connections. A challenge to creative thinking is often initiating the work and keeping focused throughout a project. The energy gained from coffee help tackle both impediments to productive work. The hot (or cold) beverage can also improve recall so that you won’t forget all those innovative ideas.

3. Coffee (Caffeine) could improve productivity. Just 200 milligrams of caffeine helps the brain to identify words and phrases more quickly. Some jobs require more regular learning than others and having a brain boost will improve productivity. Another nutrition study found drinking coffee led to improved short-term memory and reason-based decision making. Of course, coffee drinkers benefit from the extra energy, but they also benefit from the added focus.

4. Coffee improves socialization in the office. Something about holding a coffee cup makes it easier to approach a colleague and just chat. Sure, it might not be completing a task on a todo list, but socialization improves productivity. Gallup News reported employees who participated in idle chatter were more productive for longer compared to their peers who didn’t wander from their desks. A 2010 study at MIT also showed employees who take coffee breaks together improve productivity. More importantly, coffee is a platform for impromptu conversations. You’ll want the office to have a robust social network and friendship to enhance daily collaboration toward common goals.

5. Delivery makes staying stocked simple. You might be a big advocate of coffee at the office, but keeping it stocked takes too much valuable time. With our coffee delivery service, you can keep the whole team energized without regular trips to the grocery store.

We also offer a variety of flavors and even k-cups for your Keurig.

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