13 Types of Parties Perfect For Custom Water Bottles

Generic water bottles are bland, but at an event, you need to keep guests hydrated. There’s another option than buying another 24-pack from your local grocery store. Bottle your brand or add fun customizations to your next party! Here’s some great events made sweeter with a custom water bottle label. 

1. Graduation Party 

Graduation is just a few short months away, and the accomplishment deserves a massive celebration. You’ll need some water for the party, so why not make them special? Tell your graduate how proud you are with every sip. 

In addition to adding a custom label, you could glue little pieces of square cardboard and string to the top to make tiny graduation caps. 

2. Birthday Celebration

Suitable for all ages, custom water bottles will happily compliment any other beverages you have.  For young children, you can tie the water bottles in with the party theme. Have a cute Frozen-themed label or maybe Finding Dori. It might be a solid strategy to get the kids to drink more water. 

You can also celebrate those significant milestones like a sweet 16 or an “over-the-hill” gag for your older family members. 

Keeping guests hydrated with delicious water with fun and festive bottles will draw attention to that special guest.

3. Block Party 

If you are celebrating downtown or down by your house, a block party is a great way to bring people together.  Customized water bottles can display hometown pride and promote the event.  It might be an excellent opportunity to thank your sponsors also. 

4. Tailgating 

Show off your school spirit when handing out custom water bottles to friends and family at your next tailgating party.  While custom water bottles won't be the only thing in the cooler, they will provide a cool way to stay hydrated and keep you in the game.  

5. Fundraising 

Draw attention to your fundraising goals with custom water bottles. Promote your cause or use the space as an opportunity to thank donors and volunteers. 

6. Political Campaigns 

Name recognition is tremendous for politicians.  Customized water bottles with your image and slogan is a great way to spread your message. So, when you hit the streets to knock on doors or participate in a parade bring several coolers full of refreshing cold water. People will thank you for your campaign materials. 

7. Wedding

Wedding season is upon us.  With other delicious foods and beverages, what could be missing?  Custom water bottles are a great way to celebrate the lasting love of the newlyweds.  His and her bottles can be handed out to the crowd as the party progresses.  Be sure to toss several in the special getaway vehicle too!

8. Baby Shower

What a wonderful time it is when you get to welcome a new family member into the world. Thank them for coming with customized water bottles, or let everyone know the chosen name of your little one. 

9. Gender Reveal 

Boy or girl? Gender reveals are a delightful tradition, and there are so many unique ways for the parents to learn about their baby’s gender. 

A fun way to reveal the gender with the water is giving each guest a mystery drink mix, and everybody adds the powder at the same time. 

10. Corporate Gatherings and Galas 

Whether you are celebrating a record-breaking quarter or promoting a new product or service, you can be sure to celebrate in style with customized water bottles. Business logos on your bottles are a great way to spread the news about your success.

You can share the water with your customers too! 

11. After Party

If there is anything better than a party, it’s a good after party.  After a night out on the town, people are going to need something refreshing. Keep your guests going with customized water bottles.  Hydration is a crucial factor in extending the fun. 

12. Grand Opening

Are you opening an exhibit or a new location?  People will be there to celebrate the occasion, so why not provide them with excellent tasting water in commemorative bottles while also promoting your new business? A grand opening deserves a grand design and keeping your guests around to appreciate everything starts with hydration. 

13. Game Night/LAN Party

Lengthy gaming sessions with friends and rivals can last from dusk till dawn.  Salty snacks and energy drink only last so long before people start to quit.  Extend your party with unique customized water bottles to keep the team going.  

There are endless ways to incorporate custom water bottles into your life. Get started today by giving Total Beverage a call 405.366.1344, and we’ll provide you with a quote.