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Welcome to Total Beverage Services LLC


We have changed our name to incorporate our new product lines - but we are still the same water company you grew to trust and the same coffee service your office depends upon each day.


We are excited to have merged Natural Water Company with Total Beverage Services and we now offer a larger variety of products to help you grow your day to day business.


We continue to pride ourselves in bottling and providing to you, our customer, the purest, best tasting water around. We will continue to offer our Private Label and office delivery services as well as some new options, coming soon.


In addition to water, Total Beverage Services, LLC is offering a new Coffee Service program  featuring Java Street Coffee and Tassimo Brewers and products. We will continue to offer K-Cup products to our clientelle as well.   Whether you enjoy coffee one cup at a time or one pot at a time, Total Beverage Services delivers coffee house taste and quality conveniently to your office.


We are also excited about introducing Cyber Slush into the market.  A healthy alternative to slushies - Cyber Slush is a slush program offered to schools, daycares and cafeterias.  Cyber Slush is a great way for your school or organization to make some extra money while providing your students, clientèle a 100% juice, low sugar healthy alternative.


Please bear with us as we continue to build our new site - we know you too will be thrilled at the changes that are coming!



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The Total Beverage Team

Please feel free to contact Total Beverage Services by phone or email at any time. We are here to answer questions on all products and services you may be interested in.